On the other side of the river Desna. Landscape.

Oil and board on canvas
2021 year
On sale: 850 $
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Letter to the author: art.grechina@gmail.com

Lovely Desna river, Ukraine, Chernihiv region, village of Saltykova Devitsa. My childhood vacations were held here. Grandfather and grandmother lived here. There are friends and memories left here. The river is wide with a fast current, and I remember for the rest of my life how one swam it to the other side and back, I don't put more such experiments))).

The painting is on sale.

- How did you not notice? We fought over my Ukraine today…
- And how will you notice here? The same fields, roads, villages…
- Uh, no! And the air? Another. And the sky is bluer. And the earth is greener! ... (C)
Quote from the feature film "Only old men go into battle"

On the other side of the gum. Landscape. Artist Anna Grechina, painting.